This project wouldn't have been possible were it not for the pre-existing research and writing already carried out on the history of Leeds cinemas. Below are sources from which the project has drawn from, which will continually be updated as the project progresses.


Kelly's Directory of Leeds, Kelly Publishing

Leeds Cinemas Remembered by Robert E. Preedy (1980), Self-published

Leeds Cinemas 2 by Robert E. Preedy (1982), Self-published

Leeds Cinemas by Robert E. Preedy (2005), Stroud: Tempus Publishing Ltd.


GEM, 1964–1966: Britain's First Out-of-Town Retailer by Paul Whysall (2005)



Cinema Treasures

Bug and Flea

The distribution of picture halls in Leeds, 1910 to 1939 by Nick Redfern

The Majestic remembered by Leeds Libraries

West Yorkshire Archive Service